Sep 21 2017

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Office Cubicles

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Fastcubes Office Cubicles

Fastcubes offers a variety of office cubicles that come in various size and height options for small, mid-sized, and large companies. All our office cubicles come with options of fabric and surfaces to select from. We also have a lot of other choices for your office solution such as: storage, shelving, binder bins, task lights, glass or fabric stackers, tack boards, power poles, keyboard trays and other accessories.

Call Center Cubicles

Our call center office cubicles provide a workspace for employees that allow for collaborations and cultivate team work and creativity. Call center cubicles allow companies to accommodate more employees comfortably and to maximize the given workspace. Call center cubicles are increasing in popularity due to their efficient layout and their ability to serve as a solution with the open office trend but still give employees their own working space.

Workstation Cubicles

Our workstation office cubicles provide employees with a larger work space and more room to add storage options. With workstation cubicles, companies can give their employees privacy while still creating an office environment that promotes communication and collaboration amongst employees.

If you would like assistance to optimizing your space layout or in choosing the best office cubicle solution for your office space; our cubicle expert design team can create a free cubicle floor plan for your location. We also have a wide selection of chairs and seating as well as office furniture to create your own complete office solution!

Cubicle Buyers Guide Download

Read about all aspects of the cubicle and office space planning in our cubicle buyers guide. Our guide will take you through the process of buying cubicles and office furniture online or with a Fastcubes representative.

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