Mar 1 2020

Orange County Villas – Apartments @ Tambaram Chennai, apartments in orange county.

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Orange County

Orange County

Apartments in orange county

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New Agaram Road Agaramthen Chennai-126

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A home is a symbol of esteem. Every family dreams of a heavenly home to live in. The cherished mission of MS Foundations is to construct phenomenal kind of homes that excel the best of our customers dreams. Therefore, prior to sourcing the site and drafting the layout, we spare a great deal of effort to evolve a unique concept based project and visualize something strikingly different in each of our offerings that our customers can proudly boast of. In putting the interest of our customers in the first place, we stand unique in the real estate industry. Thus we grow by making our customers feel comfortable, convenient and luxurious in the homes that we deliver.

Construction is an amalgamation of aesthetics and technology. Great homes are achieved only by blending the elements of quality construction and aesthetic appeal. Orange County is one of our great accomplishments that ably reflects this concept. In line with our other residential projects, Orange County is located in a strategic setting ideally suitable to enjoy a convenient access with all parts of the Chennai City. While Orange County easily connects you with your work spot or business and the schools and colleges of your children, it also lets you enjoy a calm and peaceful life. Once you are here, you can make the most out of all that the Chennai City has to offer.

Among the metropolitans of India, Chennai is very much fit to be called the paradise on India. Chennai enjoys a moderate climate throughout the year. It has the largest number of attractions in and around. The numerous companies, industries, businesses, educational institutions, healthcare centres, social institutions, temples, malls, entertainment and educative spots and other places of importance and interest make this wonderful city second to none in the country. Over and above, the populace in Chennai enjoys a calm, peaceful and smooth flowing life. With all this, what the population needs for a fulfilling life is a great home to live in. MS Foundation is thus playing a crucial role in giving its customers some of the most envied houses to treasure and pass on to the posterity. Orange County is a value-addition to the portfolio of its offerings to the community.

Tambaram has now become one of the most preferred places to live for the Chennai populace due to its perfect location and unmatchable connectivity through trains, buses and other modes of transport. With the city expanding in all directions, Tambaram has now become the centre of Chennai. Whatever you name is available in Tambaram and every big business in the city has its unit or branch in Tambaram. Therefore, owning a home in the surroundings of Tambaram has been the zealous dream of people in Chennai. Orange County is an answer to such aspirations and you are the most lucky one if you can grab your share of this bounty.

Orange County is built with the best class of building materials and proven construction practices. All the homes of this project wear a classic and captivating look and appeal. The first sight will tell you this is where you had been dreaming to live in for so long. The prices are unbelievably low for all that these homes have got to offer at such an exquisite location. We are reputed in the industry for giving great homes at the most competitive prices and Orange County is not an exception to this characteristic trend.

Orange County enhanced safety and security features of a perfectly gated community, highly durable, weather resistant and great looking interiors and exteriors, a serene and peaceful ambience and proximity to the most important social institutions are the top highlights of Orange County that will allure anyone aspiring to own a home in the precincts of Tambaram.

MS Foundations has a consistent track record of effectively meeting the best of our customer s expectations. We have been the worthy recipients of the trust of our valued customers. While Orange County inherits in it the long and sustained experience and expertise we enjoy in the housing projects arena, this can be your perfect home if you choose to make this legacy your own. Choose from the fantastic portfolio of 28 homes and take advantage of our excellent customer service and after sale support. Then you will have enough reasons to adore our capabilities and commitment and also recommend our housing projects to others.

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